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Partial Official Roster of World Sikaran Black Belts 

Karate in the Philippines - The Golden Years 
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By Elpidio Seletaria Jr.
8th Degree Black Belt

On March 10, 2007, Sikaran Grand Master/Supremo Meliton C. Geronimo celebrated his 80th birthday. Upon the invitation of his son, Meliton Geronimo Jr., I went to the Philippines to be with the Supremo and be part of this special day.

THE SIKARAN MASTER AT 80At 8:30 in the morning of that day, my elder brother, Rodolfo, a 7th Degree Black Belt, picked me up from my house in Imus, Cavite. I drove a Mitsubishi Adventure borrowed from my sister-in-law. I forgot that in the Philippines, week-ends and holidays were the most traffic congested days. I called the Sikaran Grand Master (GM) and he told me they would wait for us in his house in Antipolo City before heading to Baras, Rizal, "The Home of Sikaran." We got stuck in a snail-paced traffic along Aguinaldo Highway towards EDSA. If you are a modest driver in the U.S., obeying all traffic rules, try to adapt yourself with the driving condition in the Manila and suburbs area, otherwise everyone would overtake and you might end up drifting out of your lane.

With some smart maneuvering and minimal aggressiveness, we were able to get to Antipolo by 11:30 AM. Unfortunately, we were told by June, GM's daughter, to just proceed to Baras, as the father and son Geronimos got tired waiting for us. When we got to Baras, they were already gathered in a "carenderia" owned by Sikaran Master Jimmy C. Geronimo. We were offered to take our lunch. Thereafter, an informal meeting, presided by Meliton, Jr., took place. Everyone was required to say something about him/herself and his/her vision about Sikaran. After the meeting, I was invited to Jimmy Geronimo's Sikaran Gym to observe the Seminar on Officiating, participated in by the senior Sikaran Black Belts present at that time. The Seminar was personally conducted by Jimmy. It lasted for an hour.

THE SIKARAN MASTER AT 80The seminar was followed by the second phase of the meeting at the house of Meliton, Jr. located at the outskirt of Baras. I believe this is the biggest house in the entire Baras with so much space to offer. This is an ideal place for convention or gathering of about 200 people, such as the Presidents/Chief Instructors of the different Sikaran Chapters in the Philippines or even worldwide. Before the meeting took place, the Sikaran GM/Supremo blew the candles and cut his birthday cake, followed by some refreshments for everybody.

It was a simple gathering, but I could feel the sense of World Sikaran Brotherhood . The occasion gave me an opportunity to exchange views, ideas, and pleasantries with some senior Sikaran black belts in relation to Sikaran, its past, present and future. Jimmy Geronimo raised the issue pertaining to someone who was claiming to be the king of Sikaran who, in reality, was their (GM/Supremo Geronimo and Master Geronimo) former student and had been expelled from the organization for gross and inexcusable violations of its rules and regulations.

The question was directed to me by Jimmy what I can do about him. I suggested that we would do nothing. For when we do, especially if we mention his name publicly, we will in effect giving him a free publicity. However, I told them I would publish the Roster of Sikaran Black Belts. In this manner, the credit will be given to where it is due. Further, I explained that sooner or later, the truth will prevail and the world will know that he is not what he claims to be.

The following were present during the 80th birthday of the GM/Sikaran Supremo, aside from me and Meliton Geronimo Jr.

THE SIKARAN MASTER AT 80Sikaran Master Jaime C. Geronimo, 9th Degree Red & White Belt; Venancio M. Segui, 8th Degree Black Belt; Ens Rodrigo M Espiritu PN (Ret), 7th Degree Black Belt; 2Lt. Rodolfo Seletaria PM (Ret), 7th Degree Black Belt; Alex S. Bartolata, 6th Degree Black Belt; Patricio Capistrano, Jr., 6th Degree Black Belt; Sofronio M. Ga, 6th Degree Black Belt; Randy Buban, 5th Degree Black Belt; Boyet Samonte, 5th Degree Black Belt; Tito Singson, 4th Degree Black Belt; Earickson G. Bartolata, 1st Degree Black Belt; and Leony P. Pilar, Secretary.




Jaime C. Geronimo  -     9th Degree Red & White Belt, Sikaran Master
            138 Constantino St. Barangay Santiago, Baras, Rizal, Philippines
            Cell phone -  0920-506-9819

Venancio M. Seguie    -  8th Degree Black Belt
            41 Arcaya St. Gumaca, Quezon, Philippines
            Cell Phone – 0921-796-4846

Rudy Concepcion  -  7th  Degree Black Belt
            107 Fernando Ave. Marikina City, Metro Manila Philippines
            Home Phone – 903-9296

Fredie Jismundo -  7th Degree Black Belt
            F. Enriquez Rd. Estanica, Kalibo, Aklan Philippines
            Cell Phone – 0921-799-8822

Ens Rodrigo M Espiritu PN (Ret) – 7th Degree Black Belt
            Blk 80, Lot 48, Sweet Orange St, Brgy. Rizal Makati City, Philippines
            Cell Phone -0918-429-7199

Daniel C. Fuentes - 7th Degree Black Belt
            #0242 Lower Dike St., Poblacion, Baliuag, Bulacan, Philippines

2Lt. Rodolfo S. Seletaria Sr.  PM (Ret) – 7th Degree Black Belt
            25 Horseshoe St. Signal Village, Taguig City, Metro Manila Philippines
            Cell Phone – 0919-301-9848

Alex S. Bartolata  -  6th Degree Black Belt
            119 H Constantino St. Barangay Santiago Baras, Rizal, Philippines
            Cell Phone – 0920-506-1362

Patricio Capistrano, Jr. – 6th Degree Black Belt
            Phase II, Lot 17, Sta. Maria Balara San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines
            Cell Phone – 0914962663

Rommel Guiveses – 6th Degree Black Belt
      Morong Sikaran Arnis Morong, Rizal, Philippines
      Cell Phone – 0920-215-9792

Sofronio B. Ga – 6th Degree Blacl Belt
            Block M-18, Lot 5 Brgy. Emmanuel 2, Dasmarinas, Cavite Philippines
            Cell Phone – 0926-495-0293

Melvin Narral – 5th Degree Black Belt
            Cell Phone – 0921-579-1246
            Home Phone – 531-5035

Eugene T. Posedio – 5th degree Black Belt
            Materials Management Department Philex Mining Corp Padcal, Tuba, Benguet, Philippines
            Cell Phone – 0919-294-3786

Randy Buban – 5th Degree Black Belt
            Daang Maharlika, Pinugay Road Baras, Rizal, Philippines
            Cell Phone – 0920-854-5823

Ferdinand Ababa – 5th Degree Black Belt
            #3 Josefina Subd. Mambugan, Antipolo City Philippines
            Cell Phone #0921-292-8671

Boyet Samonte – 5th Degree Black Belt
            Brgy. San Jose, Baras, Rizal Philippines
            Cell Phone – 0921-466-0521

Rolando Labos – 4th Degree Black Belt
            #22 Cutleya St. Bahayan, Pag-asa, Valenzuela City Philippines
            Cell Phone – 0928-229-1408

Antonio Salas – 4th Degree Black Belt
            Phase I Package, Block II, Lot 3, Bagong Silang,  Caloocan City Philippines
            Cell Phone – 0928-318-5070

Tito Singson – 4th Degree Black Belt
            Antipolo City, Philippines
            Cell Phone – 0916-247-9789

Roberto Gaza – 4th Degree Black Belt
            Sitio Crossing, Brgy. 62 Homapon, Legazpi City Philippines
            Cell Phone – 0919-358-9067

Resty Badilles Jr. – 4th Degree Black Belt
            75  Airport Road, Ramirez Drive Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

Earickson G. Bartolata – 1st Degree Black Belt
            119 H. Constantino St. Baras, Rizal, Philippines
            Cell Phone – 0920-290-1081

Erlina G. Bartolata – Plain Black Belt  (Asst. Secretary)
            119 H. Constantino St. Brgy. Santiago, Baras, Rizal 1970 Philippines
            Cell Phone – 0918-463-4014; 0920-506-1362

Leony  P. Pilar – Secretary
            168 Interior, Brgy. Evangelista Baras, Rizal, Philippines
            Cell Phone – 0916-715-1399

Nelson B. Millare
            85 Int. Balacbac, Baguio City Philippines
            Cell Phone – 0927-797-5033

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