The SELETARIA SIKARAN-ARNIS with Headquarters at Hercules, California, USA was organized pursuant to Pandaigdigang Kapatiran Sikaran ng Pilipinas (World Sikaran Brotherhood of the Philippines) Certificate of Affiliation dated October 3, 2005 issued by World Sikaran Grand Master Meliton C. Geronimo,

Sikaran is an ancient Philippine art of kick fighting, while Arnis is an ancient Philippine art of stick fighting. The SELETARIA SIKARAN-ARNIS adapted the combined concept of Sikaran and Arnis, the methods respectively developed by two of the greatest icons of Filipino Martial Arts: the Sikaran of Grand Master Meliton C. Geronimo and the Modern Arnis of Grand Master Remy A. Presas. The SELETARIA SIKARAN-ARNIS is headed by Elpidio Seletaria Jr. and his son, Carlomagno Seletaria.

Elpidio Seletaria Jr. holds an 8th Degree (Sikaran) Black Belt and Lakan Isa (First Degree Black Belt) in Modern Arnis. He started studying different kinds of martial arts, such as Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, Boxing, and the use of Balisong (butterfly knife) and nunchaku, when he was 15 years old in the Philippines. He earned his black belt in Shotokan Karate when he was 19 and became an instructor in Pecate Karate Club, Quiapo, Manila, of Florentino Pecate Sr. and Florentino "Boy" Pecate Jr. Pecate Karate Club was affiliated with the Kapatirang Sikaran ng Pilipinas ( World Sikaran Brotherhood of the Philippines). He was also a member of the SOS Daredevils from 1973 to 1975 as a movie stuntman and appeared in several movies. He joined the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and became the chief defensive tactics instructor of the defunct Military Police Brigade, AFP. He studied Modern Arnis under Rodel Dagooc and the late Willie Annang, two of the original students of the late Grand Master (GM) Remy A. Presas. His wife, Mary Jane, is the eldest daughter of Remy and Rosemary Presas. He migrated to the USA after retiring from the AFP. Currently, he is a law enforcement officer by profession, a Senior Deputy Sheriff, Sheriff's Department, City and County of San Francisco, California, USA.

Carlomagno Seletaria is a Lakan Tatlo (Third Degree Black Belt) in Modern Arnis and a Second Degree Blackbelt in Sikaran. He is the only grandson of the late GM Remy A. Presas. He started taking interest in martial arts at age seven under the tutelage of his father. He had a serious study in martial arts when he turned 15. He went to the Philippines to advance his learning in Modern Arnis. Although he did not directly study under his GM grandfather, he was tutored by some of the GM's original students, such as Rodel Dagooc, Gerry Dela Cruz, and Vic Sanchez, who in their own rights, are recognized as among the best in Modern Arnis. Aside from the Sikaran knowledge he learned from his father, he also studied under Sikaran Grand Master Meliton C. Geronimo himself. While in high school (Salesian High School, Richmond, California) through college (San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California), he had been performing a number of Modern Arnis exhibitions, including his appearance in a College TV channel, introducing Arnis as part of the Philippine cultural heritage.

The SELETARIA SIKARAN ARNIS is branching out in the Philippines, one of which is in Taguig City, where Rodolfo Seletaria, Sr., Elpidio's brother, a 7th Degree Black Belt, is based.

Likewise, commencing very soon is the construction of the Seletaria Sikaran Arnis Gym inside the Seletaria Resort compound located at Caguscos, Libon, Albay, Philippines. The proposed gym will house the Bicol Chapter of the Seletaria Sikaran Arnis. The Seletaria Resort, owned and operated by the Seletaria family, has the panoramic views of the Burias Pass, the Burias Island, the Pantao Gulf, the Ragay Gulf, and the scenic coastal areas of the municipalities of Libon and Oas in Albay province and Bato in Camarines Sur. The serenity of this picturesque destination could be felt any time of the day while watching the calm tides of the sea gently blowing the southern breeze.


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